Thursday, July 12, 2012

Angels vs. Dodger game

Recently I went to an Angels vs. Dodgers game!  I went with my brother and my dad.  It was at Angel stadium in Anaheim, which means it should have taken about an hour to drive from my home.  However, it took us two hours to get to the stadium because of the terrible traffic!  When we got there, I  noticed two giant baseball caps hanging in front of Angel Stadium. They also had giant baseball bats holding Angel Stadium up. When the game ended,  I said "it was worth the LONG drive!" because the Dodgers won!
Here I am before the game with my brother in front of Angel stadium.
Photo by: Lance my dad
In this photo we are walking toward Angel Stadium.
Photo by: Me

This is a picture of the field from our seats.There is a water fall behind center field, and every time the Angels have a great play, the water fall shoots water up.
Photo by: Me

  • Have you ever been to Angel stadium?
  • What is your favorite sport?                
  • What's your favorite baseball team?                

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Trip to Palm Desert

Over Memorial weekend, I went to Palm Desert.  It is two and a half hours away,  so it's an easy car trip.  In the desert, we share a condo with our cousins and when we stay there, I sleep on a bunk bed and I get to sleep on the top! My friends Royce and Brenden were there too. Sadly, we didn't see each other. We even brought our two dogs, Oliver and Chadney! 

It's interesting that what was once just desert is now a city full of roads, restaurants, houses, shopping centers, hotels and even casinos.  Also, I noticed there was some green cacti in certain parts. One of the days the temperature was over a 100 degrees! That day, we went swimming. Another day, we went to our grandma's house and rode on her new golf cart.  The last day we played football in a huge grassy area that we share with all the neighbors.  My trip was very fun! When we went home we had to drive through a part of the desert that has thousands of windmills!  Windmills spin around in circles to produce power to cities. These windmills (called wind turbines) produce enough electricity each year to meet the needs of about 100,000 homes or 250,000 people. 

 A picture of a cactice growing on our porch.  Photo by Sammy.

They named Palm Desert for so many Palm trees. Here are lots of them! Photo by Sammy

Here I am playing football in our backyard that we share with all the neighbors.  Photo by Dana (my mom).

Here I am with my dog Oliver and in the back is my brother and our other dog Chadney. The picture was taken right before we left to go back to LA. Photo by Lance (my dad)

This is a picture of a windmill spinning while we leave Palm Desert. Photo by Sammy.

  • Did you go anywhere over Memorial weekend?

  • Have you ever been to Palm Desert?

  • Have you ever seen a windmill in person?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Field Trip

I was so exited because we went on a field trip last week to King Gillette Ranch!  King Gillette Ranch is a state park located in the Santa Monica Mountains.   My class found out that we were going on a field trip the day before, so we had to turn in permission slips the next day or you couldn't go. Luckily, everybody brought their permission slips back except for a kid who was sick. We also found out that we were going to have Out Door Ed there. Out Door Ed is a program where you go away for a week in fifth grade and explore nature.

When we arrived, King Gillette Ranch looked pretty, with green grass in the front and in the back it looked like the woods  with a couple of hiking trails.   Our tour guide, Nick, was really nice.  He took us to a cool spot where he brought a container filled with Chumash tools and instruments.  We sat in a circle and he passed the Chumash tools around.  Some of the tools were:  a piece of bark and a sharp rock tied together to become a hammer (not like the ones we use today);  a fishing net;  a replica of a canoe the Chumash built that were the size of your hand;  instruments like maracas; and a special  instrument called a bull roar. A bull roar is an instrument that you wrap around your fingers and as you circle your arm, it makes a sound like an airplane taking off.

Then, we went on a hike and Nick stopped to show us bark and leaves. Later,  it was time for lunch. After our picnic lunch, Nick took us over to a creek to see some birds and a giant tree. Lastly, he took us up outdoor stairs that led to a cool base. We saw Nick trying to catch a lizard and up there we also saw signs that an owl lived up there. We found little sculls, possibly of mice or rats or little birds that the owl ate. Finally, we took a group photo with all the third grade classes and our tour guides.

These following photos were taken by my teacher, Mrs. Yollis, are are being used with her permission.

This is our tour guide Nick's badge that showed he was part of the Park staff.

In this photo, Nick's  was showing us a demonstration of how the Chumash would stand over a creek and catch fish with a net.

This is a replica of a Tomol, which was a canoe that the Chumash built and used to get around to places like the Channel Islands.

This is a weapon the Chumash used to kill the animals they hunted.

The Chumash would put beads inside this tree branch and turn it upside down. It had a calm sound, like rain falling.

This is the bull roar I described in my post.

This is my class and I hiking up a trail.

This is a photo of a great blue heron.  We even saw it swoop down.

Here's a picture of my class with State Senator Fran Pavley.  She was visiting King Gillette Ranch because she helped the Ranch become a State Park.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Testing For My Orange Belt

A couple of days ago I tested for my orange belt in Karate!  My Sensei (Scott) is really nice and let me do a blog post about it.  I have been practicing Shotokan Karate for about a year now and I really enjoy my time at Karate Families.  Here is a link to the web site,  Karate Families

In order to get my orange belt, I had to:  memorize two Kata's;  kick a punching bag forwards, backwards , and sideways;  and perform many kinds of blocks and punches.   It was all worth it because I got my orange belt! I have also learned how to count to 20 in Japanese.  Karate is a great sport because it's fun and active and you learn how to defend yourself!

Picture by: Dana (Sammy's mom)
This is me and Sensei Scott.  In this picture I am receiving my orange belt and certificate.

Video by: Dana (Sammy's mom)
In this video, I am performing one of my Kata's.

 Here are some facts about Karate:

  • Karate comes from Japan 
  • A room where you do Karate is called a Dojo 
  • Gi is the name of the uniform people wear in Karate
 You should really try Karate!

  • Do you know any Japanese moves?

  •  What kind of Karate do you do?    
  • Do you know any Japanese words like Dojo?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 Mother's day! 

Mother's day was started in the United States more than 150 years ago.  It's the most popular day of the year in the U.S. to eat out and also a day where the phone lines have been used more than normal as people call the special person in their lives to say "Happy Mother's Day." 

I love Mothers day because you get a special gift for a special person. You may be celebrating your Mom, your Grandma, your Aunt, or your friend. Here is the beginning of a poem I know:  Roses are Red,
Violets are blue....make up the rest of the poem and write it in your comment!

  • Who is the special person you are celebrating today?

  • What gift or card did you get them?  

  • Can you finish the poem?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Today I went to the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley.  I was interested in learning more about President Reagan because he was the subject of my biography at school. Since we went there  so early, there was no line! Last time I went, the line was so long, we couldn't even go in.  Coincidentally, I found out that my grandpa received a letter from Ronald Reagan thanking him for his work in marketing the Ronald Reagan Library in 1991.  I saw many interesting things today. 

For example, we saw Air Force One, which is the humongous airplane that flew seven U.S. Presidents.  It was so cool to go into Air Force One!  There were three bathrooms on the plane, the President's office, the First Lady's sitting area, a spot for the press to sit, the cockpit and two kitchens to cook food, one for the President and his wife and one for everyone else.   I also saw the President's limo, one police car, three police motorcycles, and Marine One, which was the military helicopter for the President's use.  

Other interesting things we saw were:  the actual video of President Reagan getting shot, the jacket that President Reagan was wearing when he got shot (it had three holes in it), a replica of the Oval Office (where President Reagan worked), a real piece of the Berlin Wall (the wall that kept the East separated from the West in Germany), and finally, the grave site of President Reagan.

I also saw a George Washington moving exhibit that was inside the Reagan Library.   The exhibit showed George Washington's fake teeth made out of real hippopotamus teeth, cow teeth and ivory.  Martha Washington's shoes from her wedding to the President were also there.  They looked very fancy. 

This is a picture taken by me of Air Force One.  The hangar (area where the plane is) is over 90,000 square feet.
This is a photo by Dana (my mom) of the limo President Reagan rode in.

This is a replica of the Oval Office (where the President worked).  Photo taken by me.
This is a photo taken by me.  This piece of the Berlin Wall was given to President Reagan for changing millions of people's lives with his "Tear Down this Wall Speech."

Sadly, President Reagan died and this is his grave site.  The plaque in the middle says "Ronald Wilson Reagan, February 6, 1911- June 5, 2004."

Here are some facts about the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library:

  •  Air Force One is 152 feet, 11 inches
  •  Air Force One flew President Reagan over 600,000 miles, to 26 foreign countries and to 46 U.S. States
  • President Reagan received an actual piece of the Berlin Wall on April 12, 1990
  •  the Reagan Library is the largest of all the Presidential libraries

Have you ever been to the Reagan Library?  

If so, can you add to my facts?

What President do you find interesting?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Going to Las Vegas

Over Spring Break, I had a fabulous time in Las Vegas!  

We saw many spectacular shows, including "Blue Man Group," the water show at the Bellagio Hotel,  the pirate show at Treasure Island, and finally the volcano eruption at the Mirage Hotel. 

While we were in Vegas, we also went to the Mirage Hotel and saw their magnificent "Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat."  There, we saw:  Bottlenose dolphins, white tigers, white lions, panthers and leopards.  My favorite animal at the exhibit was the leopard because he rolled on his back like my dog Oliver does.   

Another thing we did was to go on the Gondola boats at the Venetian Hotel.  I felt like I was in Italy because the Gondolier (the person who works the boat) sung to us in Italian.  The boat ride was fun, especially when we would turn because it shook me and felt like a ride.

This is a video from my itouch.  You will see a huge volcano erupt at the Mirage Hotel.

This is me taking a photo from the view of our room.  You can see a monorail if you look closely.

This is a photo by me.  It's an action shot of a dolphin jumping out of the water at the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat.

This is a photo I took of the big leopard rolling on the ground like a dog.
Here are some fun facts about Las Vegas (from the official Las Vegas website):

* Las Vegas' 100th birthday was on May 15,  2005 

* 36 MILLION people visited Las Vegas in 2009

*  The Stratosphere Hotel and Tower has the title of being the 5th tallest building in the United States (1,100 feet tall)

* In 1959, the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign was created by Betty Willis

Have you ever visited Las Vegas?

Have you seen any of the shows I listed?

What is your favorite city to visit?